Veal Shank With Grilled Vegetables

A classic recipe in a new style

Cooking With Friends

Rock Against Reuma, benefit dinner and concert 2017

Worldchefs Congress 2018


Cooking and eating have everything to do with sense. Whether for presentations, workshops, writing recipes or cooking food, passion is the main ingredient everything revolves around in the kitchen of Edgar.

It starts with the selection of its products. See, smell, taste: it is essential for a delicious dish with the ultimate taste experience. That passion you will find of course also reflected in the quality of Edgar's work.

Quality is a combination of products, creativity, and love for the art of cooking.

Edgar provides product presentations in different languages for different companies at home and abroad. He is often at fairs and events with live cooking. He got asked for culinary advice, food styling for product or magazine presentations, workshops, to moderate during culinary events and giving tasting lessons to kids in primary education.

Whichever of these tasks he takes on, the final result is always professional, creative and distinctive.

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