About Edgar

At a young age, you could already tell that Edgar would become a Chef. In the butchery of his father he could not reach the counter, but standing on an upturned milk crate, he gladly helped out with rolling the homemade croquettes. A few years later, he followed the classic training course for cooks in Amsterdam. During that time he worked at restaurants like Dikker & Thijs and De Gravenmolen, both specialized in classical French cuisine. He then attended specialization courses by John Halvemaan at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam and Bernard L'Oiseau in Saulieu, France. Edgar cooked five years Michelin star level on luxury passenger boats throughout Europe. During that time he combined his creativity and cooking passion to develop into his own style of cooking.  

In the 80s Edgar worked in England as Head Chef in different restaurants. When returning to the Netherlands, he held for seven years the position of Head chef in the Polmans Huis in Utrecht.

After that, he became product developer at Canter in Amsterdam and worked on food projects for KLM, HEMA and Albert Heijn. For the duration of three years, he gave cooking workshops to different groups at the Estate Marienwaerdt. In 2007 he started his own culinary business. He gives product presentations for various companies, performs at fairs with live cooking, is hired for culinary advice and gives tasting lessons to kids in primary education. Edgar is a member of the Euro-Toques Netherlands, an association of chefs dedicated to preserving the culinary heritage.

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